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Self Check - Online Hearing Test

Hearing losses usually develop very slowly, so it is easy to not notice them creeping up on you.  Have a look at the questions below and see how your hearing stacks up at present:

Q1     Do you ever feel some people don't speak as clearly as they used to?

Q2     Do family members or friends ever tell you your TV or radio is louder than they would prefer?

Q3     Do you ever feel tired or irritable after a social gathering?

Q4     Do you ever find yourself missing key words in sentences, or missing the start or end of a phrase?

Q5     Do you have difficulty following conversation in a noisy room or crowded function?

Q6     Have family members or friends commented about your hearing, even in a joking manner?

Q7     Do you ever suffer with ringing or buzzing noises in your ears, even temporarily?

Q8     Have you found your short term memory to be worsening, particularly for names, addresses, numbers, etc.?

Q9     Have you worked in a noisy environment for a prolonged period, or had any noisy hobbies?

Q10   Do you miss any sounds at home, such as the doorbell or phone ringing?

Honestly?  Many people like to put a brave face on things and not admit to possible problems.  Have another look and be really hard on yourself; we won't tell!

If you can answer "No" to all the above questions, your hearing seems to be causing little difficulty at present.  You are still welcome to book a FREE No Obligation Hearing Assessment to check this out, if you wish to; especially if there is somebody else in the house you would like to be checked out also.

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, you could have a hearing loss.  It is highly recommended you schedule a FREE No Obligation Hearing Assessment to check things out.  Hearing losses generally worsen with time, so early action is the best policy.

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