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Fixing Blocked Ears - Earwax Removal

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Earwax (cerumen) is produced by special glands situated in the ear canal. Although we might consider it unappetizing it is an important part of the “self-cleaning” mechanism of the outer ear and protects our ears from bacteria causing ear infections.
If your ear feels blocked do not attempt to remove the wax yourself. If you use of a cotton bud or similar object this may cause injury and can push most of the wax further into the ear canal. 

We perform alot of Wax Removals each month!
We also get referrals from the surrounding Medical Centres.

Doctors in the past have removed wax by syringing ears with water but this is generally now viewed as outdated and not particularly good for your ears.  At Hear Again we use a micro-suction machine which gently and painlessly vacuums the wax and debris away. This can be provided for anyone from the age of 5 & up
Hear Again - Block Ears - Wax Removal
The friendly team at Hear Again are able to arrange for wax removal for you. The cost is $45, call to book today 0508 HEARAGAIN (432724) or email info@hearagain.co.nz


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