Completely In The Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid Devices

IIC in ear(copy)mind CICCIC devices are custom made to fit entirely inside the ear canal.  Up until the recent release of IIC devices, they were the smallest option available and still remain to be so for those people who do not have large enough ear canals to accommodate the IICs.

As CICs fit deep into the ear canal, they are very discrete with very few people being able to spot them.  They are more powerful than IICs, allowing them to be available to people with even severe losses now.  Some manufacturers offer wireless connectivity with CIC devices allowing you to connect with cellphones and other wireless transmitting devices.

CICs are not particularly well suited to those with a sloping, high pitched hearing loss, as they can create the feeling of the ears being blocked.  For a cosmetically appealing solution for such a hearing loss, RITEs are a much better option.

Hear Again offers a 45 day 100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee which allows you to try for yourself to find out if this style of device is suitable for you.  If not, there are many other styles of devices which will be options for you at no extra cost.

Hear Again are fully independent: we provide and service hearing devices from all the leading manufacturers.

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Hear Again Has One Simple Goal: To Make Hearing Care As Easy As Possible. 

With over 19 years experience providing the very best in Hearing Healthcare, the convenience of shopping mall based clinics, home visits and the flexibility to see you outside of office hours, we believe there is no easier way to care for your hearing.

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