Hearing Technology - The Computer In Your Ear

Managing Hearing Aid Noise

Modern digital hearing devices are very complex little Technologythings. Effectively a miniature computer, the devices sample sounds up to 20,000 per second to quantify what sounds are happening around you.

Using this information, the computer chip can then analyse the incoming signal.  Differentiating between speech, noise, music, wind, etc. the devices can change the way in which they work to give you the best speech intelligibility, whilst maintaining maximum comfort.

There are several ways in which this is achieved, but simply put this can be categorized by a few concepts:
  These and other systems working behind the scenes attempt to provide you with the most comfortable and natural listening experience possible.  The cost of hearing devices is determined by how effective each of these factors are, or if they are available at all.
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Hear Again Has One Simple Goal: To Make Hearing Care As Easy As Possible. 

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