Eliminate blocked ears with ear wax micro suction

Professional ear cleaning and ear wax removal

Approximately 5% of adults and 10% of children are dealing with blocked ears – if you’re one of them, Hear Again can help.

Ear wax, or cerumen, might not be the most appealing subject to talk about, but it plays an important role in ear health. Produced by modified sweat glands in the ear canal, ear wax is part of the body’s “self-cleaning” mechanism, protecting against bacteria and preventing infections. 

However, when ear wax gets lodged in the canal, it can lead to irritation, infection and hearing loss. At Hear Again, we understand the frustrations that go hand-in-hand with blocked ears, and we’re here to help.

Why do ears get blocked?

Ear wax serves a purpose, but its overproduction or impaction can create blockages in the ear canal.  Most blocked ears occur naturally, but these can be worsened from fingers or cotton buds pushing ear wax back into the canal, where it can no longer work its way out of the body.

Ears are usually self-cleaning, so avoid pushing anything inside them. Instead, allow the earwax to naturally work its way free, and simply clean your outer ears daily with a damp cloth. However, if this is too late and you are dealing with blocked ears, help is at hand.

Hear Again, your ear wax removal experts

Historically, the standard solution to blocked ears was syringing them with water. Today, this approach is considered outdated and could even do more harm than good. At Hear Again, we prioritise your ear health and comfort with more modern and effective treatments.

We employ the latest in ear wax micro-suction technology, which offers a gentle and painless solution to wax blockages. By safely vacuuming the ear wax and debris, we can perform safe ear wax removal and instantly restore clarity of hearing.

Ear wax / Ear Blockage removal service

Wax removal appointments incur a standard fixed cost, irrespective of the amount of wax which needs to be removed. If you’re uncertain whether ear wax is causing your hearing issue or whether our ear wax removal service can help, drop into your nearest clinic, and our experienced staff will take a quick look free of charge.  However, our clinics are busy, so it may not be possible for the wax to be removed unless an appointment is scheduled.

Ear Infections
Whilst most ear blockages are due to a build-up of ear wax, blockages can also occur due to infections in the outer or middle ear. If you are experiencing any pain or a wet discharge in your ear, you may have an infection.  An ear cleaning appointment can certainly help in this regard, but you will most likely need to visit your GP following this for further treatment to combat the infection.  Our friendly clinicians will steer you in the right direction in this regard.

Professional ear cleaning fees:

  • Wax / Ear Blockage Removal Appointment = $65
  • Wax Removal Follow-up = $55

Please note: Ear wax hardens over time. If a blockage has gone untreated for an extended period, it may be too impacted to be fully removed comfortably in a single session. In these cases, we may recommend the use of wax softening drops and a follow-up appointment to ensure a thorough and comfortable removal.

Don’t spend another day in discomfort

Don’t let blocked ears compromise your quality of life. Book an appointment with our specialists and rejoin the conversation.