Hearing Protection

How to Prevent Hearing Loss

Excessive Noise Exposure can damage your hearing irreparably. If you work in a noisy environment or are frequently in a noisy place in your recreational life, it is incredibly important to protect your hearing.

Hearing protection options include:

  • Ear Defenders:  Useful for relatively short noisy tasks such as use of power tools or lawn-mowing
  • Foam Earplugs:  More comfortable for longer use such as rock concerts or long haul flights
  • Moulded Earplugs:  Custom made to give maximum comfort and excellent protection, perfect for everyday work use
  • Musician’s Earplugs: Custom made with flat attenuation to reduce sound levels but not degrade the music. Ideal for rock stars!
  • Hunter’s Custom Ear Protection: Custom fit to your ear, these devices amplify your hearing to give you an advantage when stalking prey in the bush, then instantly switch off to protect your hearing when a shot is fired.  The ultimate protection for game hunting.
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Hear Again can advise you on the best hearing protection options for your specific needs and check your current hearing levels.

For full details of Hearing Protection as specified by OSH, visit their website: http://www.business.govt.nz/healthandsafetygroup/information-guidance/all-guidance-items/hearing-protectors-selection-and-use-of/hearing-protectores-list-oct-2003.pdf