How We Can Help You Hear Again

Hearing Assessment Made Easy

Free Initial Hearing Check
Having your hearing checked could not be simpler.  Hear Again provide a free, no obligation, hearing assessment which allows you to find out if your hearing is showing any signs of deterioration and whether assistance is needed.  This involves Otoscopy and basic Pure-tone Audiometry (see below).

Comprehensive Hearing Assessment  – $119
If a hearing check uncovers a hearing loss, or if you already are aware your hearing needs help, we complete a thorough assessment of your ears and hearing system.  This features several aspects:

Using a magnified otoscope, your Clinician will look in your ears to check for wax blockages and any other abnormalities which may affect your hearing or ear health.  Wax presence is normal and part of the ear’s natural cleaning mechanism, but excessive wax can cause problems.  Your Clinician will advise you the results of this check and your best next steps.  Wax removal by Micro-Suction is available in all our clinics if this is needed.

Pure-tone Audiometry
Using a highly tuned Audiometer, your Clinician will play a series of beeps and tones to you and ask you to respond when you can hear them.  By doing so, we establish the very quietest level of sound you can hear at a variety of different pitches.  Comparing your hearing levels to ‘normal’ hearing levels, we can determine which sounds you may be missing and why you are experiencing hearing difficulties.

Speech Audiometry
Your Clinician will play you a recording of simple words and ask you to repeat what you think was said.  This check allows us to establish which speech sounds you can hear and which you are missing.  Speech Audiometry is also a very good indicator for the potential benefits hearing devices could provide for you.

Immittance Audiometry
A very easy check (as you don’t have to do anything!) allows us to establish the health of your ear drum and middle ear function.  This is a secondary check which helps to screen for Conductive Hearing Losses and is performed by placing a small rubber plug into the entrance to your ear canal.  By gently changing the air pressure in your ear we can measure how your ear drum responds to this.

Results & Options
Your Clinician will explain the results of the Hearing Assessment and advise you regarding your future hearing healthcare.  If your hearing proves to be within normal limits, we will schedule to see you at some stage in the future to keep a check on this.  Should a hearing loss be evident, your clinician can discuss the options which are open to you; this may involve a referral on to another medical professional or to investigate potential hearing device options.

Hear Again is fully independent and all our appointments are provided with no obligation; your comfort is our priority!