Hearing Aid Device Options

Hearing Devices come in many shapes and sizes and are light years away from the large, unsightly hearing aids of the past.  Each style of device have their benefits and drawbacks. Your choice of which type is suitable for you is best made with the help of your friendly and knowledgeable Hear Again Clinician.

Not all types are suitable for every hearing loss or ear size and shape.  The wrong selection, made for purely cosmetic reasons, can result in a lower level of satisfaction: when it comes to hearing devices, it is the sound and comfort in your ear which matter most.

To give you an idea of what could be a good option for you, there are a couple of ways to narrow things down:

Do you have a preference regarding having devices which are rechargeable, or do you prefer something as small as possible in your ear?  If so, please select your choice below, otherwise try the next question:

1)  It has to be invisible!

2)  I would prefer it to be discrete, but I like the idea of rechargeability

Do you have a preference regarding whether the device sits on top of your ear, or fits fully inside?  If not, carry on to the next question.

1)  I like the idea of something which sits on the top

2)  I would prefer them to be fully inside the ear

Do you have a preference regarding being able to control the device: volume up and down, etc.?

1)  Yes, I want to be able to adjust them in as many ways as possible.

2)  No, I just want to put them in and forget about them!

Hear Again are fully independent: we provide and service hearing devices from all the leading manufacturers.