Size 13 (Orange 13A) 6 Batteries


Pack of 6 size 13 (Orange Pack) Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries



Hearing aid batteries from Widex made in the UK.   The trusted source for hearing aid professionals worldwide.

Provides the optimal energy solution for almost every device. With world-class manufacturing techniques and continual quality testing and improvement, you’ll be assured of the highest product performance in each and every battery.

Zinc air cell design provides precision air flow, maximizing power and maintaining performance. You’ll have a consistent hearing aid battery that delivers the power you need—every time.

Type Designation p13
Voltage (V) 1.45
Electrochemical system Zinc air
Typical energy (mWh) 403
Typical capacity (mAh) 310
Diameter (mm) 7.9
Height (mm) 5.4
Weight (g) 0.83