Hearing Aid Wind Noise Reduction

Dining with family and friends is always lots of fun, so it is a real shame if your enjoyment is reduced by annoying sounds.

The sharp sounds made by cutlery on plates and glasses clinking together are what we class as impulse sounds.  They start and finish quickly, are quite loud and usually high pitched.

Historically, hearing devices have amplified these sounds and this can be uncomfortable.  In a large restaurant setting the noises can become quite over-powering, resulting in some people having to switch off or remove their devices.

Impulse Noise Reduction allows the devices to differentiate between these quick, sharp sounds and normal speech sounds. By doing so, the speech can be enhanced to allow you to fully join in the conversation, while the impulse sounds are not amplified.

All you hear is the “Cheers” and a clink of glasses, not a cymbal crash!